10 Movies That Will Confuse Your Mind

There are good movies and then there are movies which have a deep impact on your mind. It’s no easy job to come up with scripts that hold the audience’s mind throught the movie and makes them think about weeks and months after you have finished watching them. It’s satisfying to find a movie which requires our attention and imagination.
Here are 10 movies which will confuse your mind and leave you thinking what the f*** happened after you finish watching them:


1) Donnie Darko


Donnie Darko is a movie that will confuse you with its sci-fi plot coupled with hallucinations and time vortex. The protagonist escapes a freak accident when he is called outside by a man dressed in a rabbit costume. Over the next 28 days, Donnie commits a series of crimes to fix the glitch in the time vortex he created to save earth from destruction. This movie is gonna have you finish that popcorn tub without you even noticing it.

2) Coherence

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If alternate realities and bizarre things are your cup of tea, then this is one movie you definitely have to watch. The story revolves around a group of 8 friends who get lost and stuck in different realities when a comet passes over the earth. As the story progresses and people from different realities meet each other confusion and arguments arise.

3) Primer

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Perhaps one of the best movies related to time travel. The movie shows how two scientists with different personalities discover time travel and as they travel to multiple versions over a period of time, things get fucked up as the timeline gets distorted. What follows is suspense and confusion riddled with jealousy and thirst for power. This is one movie that requires your constant attention.


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This is the film that made me regret not taking mathematics seriously! This psychological surreal thriller shot in high contrast black and white film and wonderfully connects religion, mathematics, and mysticism.  The Protagonist believes he can find a pattern to how the stock market functions. What follows will have you biting your nails in anticipation and the ending will definitely leave you shocked.

5) The Butterfly Effect

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The Butterfly Effect is another movie that teaches us to never f*** around with time. The Protagonist discovers that he has the power to change past life events only to have to deal with adverse situations in the future.

6) Source Code

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An Army pilot is on a mission to go back in time to stop a bomber from detonating a bomb in Chicago. The catch is that he can’t change the series of events and just has to find out the identity of the bomber. What follows is thrill-packed action with subtle elements of romance. This is one movie that you’re going to love watching again and again.

7)The Man From Earth

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John Oldman, a professor who claims to be thousands of years old discusses a variety of subjects with his colleagues as they bid him farewell

8)The Prestige

A Christopher Nolan classic. After a tragic incident, two magician friends become bitter enemies and dedicate their lives to destroying each other. They make sacrifices that brings them fame but the consequences are terrible. Another great movie that will rattle your brains.

9)12 Monkeys

Another sci-fi thriller based on time travel. James Cole(Bruce Williams) is given the chance to win his freedom by going back in the past and finding out the person responsible for spreading a plague which killed most of the earth’s population. James hallucinations and the movie’s plot will have you confused after the movie ends.

10)Upstream Color

The movie revolves around a man and women who were unwillingly made a part of a mind-control experiment and had to do a series of bizarre acts as part of the experiment. The movie is a work of art and the ending makes the struggle faced during the movie worth it.

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