3 Exercises You Should Try Right Now


You may know a lot of exercise techniques and have an effective workout routine laid out, but there’s no harm in learning new techniques that can be done anywhere. A lot of you may be looking for exercise techniques that are easy to do and don’t put much stress on your body and reduce the chance of injuries which many novices face when they start working out.
The 3 exercises which I am going to talk about today are very basic but are important for building the core foundation of your strength. These 3 exercises can help everyone improve their strength and boost muscle gain and lose that extra fat you hate.

These 3 exercises are can be done anywhere, will train you for the subsequent exercises you are going to do, can increase or decrease the difficulty level as per your stamina and strength, are safe and will put your joints in the right position for the rest of the day.

1)   Step up

A workout session is practically incomplete without a leg exercise. If you want perfectly toned legs and wish to be a great runner, you got to put in the legwork dude. I will prefer step-ups before lunges as they easy on the legs and prepare you for lunges. Stepups also help a lot in building hips and hamstrings.
Steups are super convenient and can be done anytime you see a flight of stairs or a side curb. (Also if you take the elevator or escalator instead of the stairs shouldn’t you give up working out?)
Maintain a 90-degree angle at your hips, knees, and angle at the start and end of the exercise and take 3-5 seconds to lower from the top to bottom. If you want a good head start 10 minutes of step-ups before or after your workout will be great.

2)    Hip Thrust

Everyone wants a great ass, like come on you have to admit almost everyone these days either likes a toned ass or wants a toned ass.
Hip thrusts are the best way to develop your gluteal muscles. This exercise works on the glutes individually and makes the terminal hip extension active which is basically what you need.

Since we are talking about Hip Thrusts we need to talk about Bret Contreras, the man who made hip thrusts popular. As per his studies, hip-thrusts help you form better glutes than exercises like squats and deadlifts. Yeah, I know it looks stupid but so does your childhood photos.
You can integrate hip thrusts in multiple ways to your workout routine:

  • 1-2  Sets of 10-20 reps while warming up on leg days or the days when you work on your lower body.
  • Start slowly and once you get used to the routine you can progress gradually. Ideally, 10 sets of 10 reps in 15 minutes each should be enough to start.

You can make the exercise tougher by using a dumbbell or kettlebell and try to do 5 sets of 10.

3)    Single Arm Carry Progression

It’s the basic nature of the Single Arm Farmer’s Walk that makes people overlook it completely. But it does wonders for your body.

If you want an exercise technique that builds muscles of the whole body and sculpts your shoulders and abs, improves your grip and burns the extra fat, this is the exercise you have been looking for. You can do this exercise by holding a dumbbell or kettlebell while keeping your hand straight and walking in a straight line. You can also try holding weights in both your hands once you think you are ready for it. There are multiple ways by which you can include this in your workout routine.  You can do this exercise for 10 non-stops at the beginning or end of your exercise. Start by keeping the weight at your hip level, then in front of your shoulder and finally overhead with your arm fully extended.


These 3 exercises will build your core stamina and strength and combined with the proper diet will accelerate your gains. So, stop giving excuses and start paying attention to your body. When you have a well-built body, you will feel yourself more confident and immune to diseases and stressful situations.

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