5 Sex Myths That You Need To Drop Now


We all have heard a lot of myths about sex as teenagers, while we debunked some on our own some of those myths are still treated as facts by us. In this post we are gonna break those myths with facts:


“Masturbation will make you blind and give you pimples!” “You have a marathon to run next month? Better put your sex life on hold!” We have heard this phrases at one point or the other but are they all stupid myths? Let’s find out in this post:

1) A Woman isn’t a virgin if her hymen is broken

This is probably one of the oldest myths revolving around sex, while hymen is said to be a marker for virginity in many cultures it is not very helpful in revealing a woman’s sexual history.

The hymen is a membrane that lines the vaginal opening and its shape and size vary from person to person. The hymen doesn’t cover the vaginal opening naturally which makes sense as it would have been impossible for menstrual discharge and other discharges to leave the vagina.

While sexual intercourse or heavy physical activity can cause minor tearing, it is not necessary that there will be bleeding as the hymen can stretch to accommodate the penis. So it is not necessary that there bleeding will follow hymen tearing and since hymens can have a variety of shapes it’s difficult to say if the tearing was there all along.

2) Women can’t get pregnant while they are menstruating

Another popular sex myth is that women can’t get pregnant when they are on their period, while this statement stands true to a high degree the possibility of a pregnancy isn’t eliminated.

The possibility if conceiving after period sex depends on how long the menstrual cycle is. A menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days out of which 3-5 days are taken by their period.

Some women may have shorter cycles and sperm can survive inside the human body for 5 days which implies if the ovulation occurs the sperm cell can manage to penetrate the egg.

So never say no to protection.

3) Orgasms can happen only in the vagina

Thanks to commercial porn a lot of people think that orgasms can be achieved by just repetitive vaginal penetration. But according to doctors repetitive penetration may not be enough for achieving orgasms, some women may need clitorial simulation too.

This is why it is important that you experiment with your partner to make orgasms more deep and intimate.

4) Masturbation is bad for your health

This is probably the most common subject of sexual myths, we have all heard myth related to masturbation like, “masturbation will make you blind”,”masturbation will lead to erectile dysfunction”.

If you still have doubts regarding masturbation then let me tell you there is no link between your genitals and eyes and masturbation doesn’t have any ill effects.

“Let’s say, as a man, every single time you masturbate you only give yourself a few minutes from the first touch to ejaculation. That may condition you to those few minutes, so when you’re with a partner and you want to last longer, that may create problems for you.”

-Teesha Morgan


 It can be very easily prevented by some self-experimentation and taking your time to enjoy yourself rather than rushing it up.

5) Sex affects athletic performance

It’s quite funny how people believe engaging in a demanding exercise like sex can decrease your stamina.

According to recent studies having sex a day before you participate in a sports activity has no relation with decreased or poor performance and in no way affects your performance in sports activities.


So it is quite clear that most of the myths related to sex are lies, there is no problem in engaging in safe consensual sex and you should always fact check any fishy myth you come across.


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