5 Signs That Say You Need To Stop Drinking Coffee


Coffee may get you through the day, but, too much coffee can have an adverse effect on your body. Like every other thing coffee can be harmful if it’s taken in large quantities.  If you call yourself a proud coffee lover, check out if you suffer from any of these 5 symptoms:

  • You get anxious easily

The National Institute Of Mental Health advises people suffering from clinical anxiety to stay away from caffeine. You may be wondering the reason behind this, well caffeine is known to knock out sleep and trigger you into panic mode. So the next time you feel that the only way you will be able to turn in your work within the deadline is by drinking a cup of black coffee, try to rein yourself if you’re nervous not only you will miss the deadline but you may also mess up your work.

  • Insomnia Makes You Late For Work every day

Caffeine is the most easy answer to killing your sleep when needed, but it can be a nuisance too when you have an early morning meeting. While you may think it doesn’t affect you, coffee stays in your body for more than 14 hours and can disrupt your sleep cycle, make you wake up multiple times while you sleep.

  • You Have Regular Headaches

A cup of coffee can be great to get rid of that occasional headache, but when you drink more than 4-5 cups of coffee a day, you can go through caffeine withdrawal and face symptoms like tiredness and headaches.  Slowly bring down your caffeine intake and you will be back to normal in no time.

  • Your Hands/Body Keep Shaking

While coffee can make you feel alert, sometimes, it can make you too alert and you may experience jitters. Coffee or the caffeine in it makes your Central Nervous System active making you feel extra active and cause your hands or legs to shake. Say no that 4th cup after midday and you will be fine.

  • You Suffer From Diarrhea Frequently

Coffee can keep your stomach fine but if you drink more than 2-3 cups of coffee a day you are basically consuming a laxative. Stick to 2-3 cups a day and you will be fit and fine.

P.S.  Drinking too much coffee can cause stomach pain too, so turn down your caffeine intake gradually if you are experiencing any of this symptom and you will be back to normal.


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