5 Testicular Cancer Signs You Need To Look Out For


 Testicular Cancer is a common kind of cancer that affects mainly young men in the age of 15-35. Testicular Cancer has a high occurrence (79%) in men below the age of 40 but is highly treatable and for every 100 men suffering from it, 96 are cured. The sooner you catch while it’s still in its initial stages, higher are the chances of it beating it.

Testicular cancer is diagnosed early in most cases as people notice the most common symptom- A lump in the testicles. But it is not the only sign you should know about. Here are the lesser known and obvious signs of testicular cancer which you should know about:

A Heavy Feeling In The Abdomen Or Scrotum


A heavy feeling in your lower abdomen or Scrotum may be another telltale sign that something is wrong down there, according to doctors this is one of the most common signs of testicular cancer. Another sign could be a feeling of heavy pressure in your lower abdomen or testicles.

Swollen or Shrunk Testicle


Any change in the size of testicles, whether an increase or decrease can be another sign that you may have testicular cancer. Hormonal imbalances caused either due to a shortage of testosterone or increase in estrogen cause change in testicle size, these hormonal imbalances are usually caused by testicular cancer.  

Breast Growth Or Soreness

Testicular cancers may produce hormones which may cause growth or breast tissue, the hormones hormone is known as gynecomastia. Tumors can release high amount of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), a hormone which can cause breast development and loss of libido.

Swelling In Legs


If testicular cancer has spread to your lymph nodes, it can restrict the flow of blood in your veins. These clots are usually found in the legs which makes them swell up.

Back Pain And Shortness Of Breath


Lower back pain and shortness of breath is an immediate sign that you should consult a doctor as the cancer is not limited to your scrotum anymore, it has started to spread to your lymph nodes and shortness of breath means it has spread to your lungs thereby creating breathing problems.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, get a doctor’s appointment scheduled asap as if discovered early testicular cancer is 100% curable. The sooner you get a diagnosis the sooner you can start the treatment.  You can also play the safe game by examining your testicles regularly, preferably under a hot shower to find out if there is anything suspicious down there.


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