5 Things You Need To Do Now For A Healthier Lifestyle


Life can be pretty busy and stressful these days. While that extra cup of coffee or a pack of Marlboros may seem like the only thing that can help you finish your work without crashing, you’re putting your health at risk. You may not realize it now but once you have crossed 35, you will see the effects when climbing a flight of stairs feels like you’re being choked.
The sooner you take control of your lifestyle better are the chances of you living a trouble-free life after your 40s. Read below to know what things you need to bring under control for a healthy problem free life:

1) Improve Sleeping Habits

You may call yourself a proud insomniac, but sleeping late at night and getting up early has a lot of negative effects on your body and mind. Lack of proper sleep makes you feel tired and exhausted all the time. Sleep deprivation can affect your analytical and memory skills along with taking a toll on your hormonal, digestive, cardiovascular and immune system.  And NO caffeine or energy drinks cannot compensate for the lack of sleep in your body, they will make things worse.

2) Quit Cigarettes

As an ex-smoker, I know how relieving it is to feel the nicotine flowing through your body after a stressful moment or after a long day, but, when you reach your 30s, you start feeling the effects. Breathing problems, husky voice, hair loss, lack of stamina are among the few problems that make your life tougher. And if you’re a chain smoker you may be feeling these effects already. I know it can be very hard to quit smoking cold turkey, but, you can try to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day and gradually leave it for good.
P.S. For me Green Tea worked as a great replacement for cigarettes. The best part? Green Tea is actually beneficial for your health.

3) Control Drinking Alcohol

Drinking 2-3 shots of alcohol every week can actually be beneficial for your health. But, any more than that and you’re inviting a whole bunch of health problems into your life. Alcohol affects your reasoning skills, causes heart problems, liver damage, infertility, stomach problems, addiction, the list is long. Instead of alcohol, you can try cannabis (only after getting a consultation from your doctor, cannabis is a better option than alcohol but it still has a few cons).

4) Don’t Drink Too Much Coffee

America’s favorite drug. I hate to say this but yes there is a thing known as “too much coffee” and it’s bad for your health. 2-3 cups of coffee is actually good for your health, any more than 3 cups and you’re looking at problems like stress, insomnia, diarrhea, heart problems, etc,. Too much caffeine can affect your sleep cycle and make you wake up multiple times while you sleep. So the next time you are about to buy that cup of super strong black coffee, count the number of cups you already had and if it’s more than 3 cups, you can instead go spend that money on a bottle of fruit juice.

5) Prolonged use of Smartphones can be bad for your health

Yup! Smartphone addiction is a completely real thing. Prolonged use of smartphones damages your eyesight, hearing, the radiation from the phones cause a number of health problems. The psychological effects include constantly scrolling through your phone for no reason, stress from the constant e-mails and need to reply to everyone who drops you a text, lack of real-life socializing etc.

If you feel that any of the facts mentioned in this article are relatable, you need to gear up and start focusing on making your lifestyle more active and healthy. Hit the gym instead of wasting an hour every morning scrolling down across different social media platforms. Drink fruit juice instead of coffee or alcohol, substitute cigarettes with candy (it helps) and go to bed an hour early and keep your smartphone away for a proper and healthy sleep cycle.

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