5 Tips To Get You In The Mood For Workout


“Success is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration” this is a pretty common saying which stands correct for most people. Sometimes you may be physically fit and fine but you may not have the mental energy to run a mile or workout to the core. This is usually accompanied by low moods and not achieving something which is achieved easily on a normal day. 

Athletes deal with these mental roadblocks too and it’s completely normal and is usually triggered by stress, anxiety, fear of trying out certain things or exhaustion, these issues are triggered usually when there’s a lot of pressure on the brain and it gets confused in dealing with all of the problems at once.

Some people may confuse drop in motivation with mental roadblocks but these are two different things which may go hand in hand sometimes. While a motivation drop is easy to handle, dealing with mental roadblocks can be tough and makes doing things seem impossible.


But that does not mean that you have to give up on your hard work. Here are five ways to get you back on the track

1) Start with dividing your end goal into smaller parts


You cannot expect to finish a 100-mile marathon in your first try, divide it into parts and as you keep training you will feel accomplished when you achieve the little targets which in turn will give you the motivation to reach your next target. If you can’t find the energy to run on some days or you are injured, it’s perfectly okay to take a break, that break will fill you up with energy to run a couple of extra miles the next day.


2) Find Things That Keep You Motivated

If your workout plan isn’t working out, have you tried thinking if the plan is for you or are you enjoying the workout?

The point of doing this is to find out if you really are interested in doing that particular type of workout from the core of your heart, because, if you are not doing something willingly chances are that you won’t achieve to finish the thing.

When you realize the workout plan is not working for you, you need to refocus


3)   Think About What It Will Be Like To Achieve What You Want

Suppose you want to deadlift 300 pounds, you have been lifting 250 pounds since some time now and now you want to aim for 300 pounds, imagine your happiness and the appreciation you will get when you manage to lift 300 pounds. If you workout and keep reminding your brain of the success you are going to achieve you will find it easier to your accomplish your goals this way.


4) Consider A Change Of Environment

Are you unable to find the motivation to work-out in your Gym? Is the Gym music annoying you so much that you are not able to lift those weights you used to lift easily? Consider a change in environment, studies have shown that a change in environment can be a major major factor in changing the way you work or think. Try working out at your home or with friends who you know well. So if you can’t run as much as you used to before, try running in the park or look for a local running club in your city.


5) Don’t Let Failures Get The Better You

You can’t win always, sometimes it is okay to face failures, what matters is not letting these failures get to you and crumple your motivation. Couldn’t deadlift 300 pounds after deadlifting 250 pounds for a month? It’s alright, try going for 275 pounds and promise yourself you are going to deadlift 300 pounds in a couple of weeks.

Use your failures to make yourself stronger, rather than being upset by your failures think why did you fail and how could you avoid it the next time. Keep your goals simple and use your victories and failures as your motivation for going on to achieve the target you have set for yourself.  

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