5 Ways To Build Muscles Without Going To The Gym


Most of us are so busy with our lives, that we barely have any time for ourselves, and when we are free, we are too exhausted to engage in any physical activity. A lot of people want to go to the gym to build some gains, but they can’t go because they can’t fit working out at the gym in their schedule, but here’s a good news, you can get those gains you have always wanted by these 5 simple exercises that can be done anywhere.

1) Running & Jogging

Running can help you burn a lot of calories and get you some gains in your lower thighs, along with that running outside gets you fresh air which is highly refreshing for your brain. Running out in the open is more beneficial than running on the treadmill.




If you are looking to build up your thigh muscles, lunges are something you should definitely try out. You can do various types of lunges as per your choice like a static lunge, walking lunge, reverse lunge, curtsy lunge etc. Choose a lunge type that you can handle easily and do 5 -10 lunges in 5-6 sets.



Crunches will help you get those 8 pack abs you have always wanted. Crunches are a great way to build abdominal muscles and increase your core strength. A rubber mat is all you need to start crunching.



Squats are the best exercise for your body and the best thing is that it doesn’t require any machine. Squats can help you build up your leg muscles and can get you those gains you have been looking for.



Pushups are probably best for building chest muscles. You can just get a mat and start with push-ups and work to build up chest, triceps, and shoulders. Pushups are a core muscle-building exercise. You can add variations and play around with intensity.

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