6 Signs That You Need To Eat More Calories


If you are on a weight-loss diet you must have reduced your calorie intake to a great extent. While cutting back a few calories is essential to weight-loss that doesn’t mean you need to do a major cut-back on your calorie intake. Here are some signs which tell you that you need to increase your calorie intake.

There’s No Change In Your Weight

A sharp and sudden drop in calories confuses your body and the starvation mode is triggered where your body uses every available calorie in your body.  This makes losing weight more complicated as your body metabolism has been slowed down. So if 1500 calories a day isn’t showing any results, try increasing your calorie intake to 1700 calories to see if there are any results.

You’re Always Tired

Your body burns calories to produce energy. When there’s a shortage of calories you feel exhausted. Check if you’re having trouble getting through the day even after sleeping for a good 8-9 hours, or if you’re feeling more tired than usual lately. If you are feeling more tired and exhausted than usual then you need to increase your calorie intake. Another sign that you’re running low on calories is that you find it hard to go through your normal daily routine.

You Find It Hard To Focus

Your mind may feel dizzy or foggy if your calorie intake is lower than what’s required. Add some nuts to your morning yogurt or have an egg along with your morning breakfast to get that extra energy to get through the day without getting exhausted or confused.

Sticking To The Plan Seems Impossible

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If you are unable to follow your low-calorie diet no matter what you do, it may not be entirely your fault. The diet may not be suitable for you hence your body begs for more. Try to increase your calorie-intake slightly and see if it works. Never stick to a diet-plan which makes you feel tired and exhausted the whole time. Have a diet-plan which you enjoy and which makes you feel full and energetic, this way you will be healthier and be able to follow your diet more consistently.

You Feel Hungry All The Time

A tell-tale sign that you’re not eating enough is that you are hungry and irritated all the time. Try eating more. MAke sure your diet has the right amount of protein, carbs, and healthy fats to fulfill your calorie needs and make sure you get a constant supply of energy.

Your Workout Sessions Feel Like The Toughest Task Ever


You need lots of energy for your intense workout sessions. If you think that you lose half of your energy before finishing half of your exercises or you are having trouble lifting, then it’s time you look at what you’re eating. Eat some carbs along with some protein before and after your workout to recover quickly. It will also allow your body to heal and build those gains you are looking for.

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