6 Tips That Can Help You Grow An Attractive Beard


It’s important to maintain your beard just like you maintain your hair and style of clothing. A well-maintained beard can make you a man of class and riches while a poorly maintained beard can make you look like a homeless guy. Just like you care for your hair, it’s important to care for your beard too.
Here are a few tips to get you a king’s beard:

1) Choose Your Tools Wisely

It’s great if you can trim your beard with a pair of scissors and a comb, but a trimmer will get you the perfect beard with ease. A pair of clippers, combs and a small professional scissor for those loose hairs will help you keep your beard in perfect shape.

2) Keep Your Beard Moisturized

Washing your face isn’t enough for your beard, to avoid dry and grizzly facial hair, use a little dab of moisturizer to keep your beard moisturized. A moisturizer with a sunscreen lotion is a plus and will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun too.

3) Choose A Style That Suits You

Don’t just choose a beard style randomly, choose a beard style that suits the shape of your face, an unmatched beard style may highlight features like double chin, baldness, weak jawline. It’s important you pay attention to both the sides of your face and choose a style that suits you the best.
If you have a round face or double chin you can look great with strong lines and borders that make the curves softer. And if you have a long face a full beard that’s thicker on the sides and shorter around the mouth can make your face look well balanced.

4) Keep Your Beard Well Trimmed

An overgrown and untrimmed grass lawn doesn’t look good, so you can guess the same thing holds true for your beard. Your beard needs regular trimming and maintenance depending on your style but it’s important you use the razor daily to keep the edges clean. Always use a clean razor and get a new one after every five shaves.

5) Your Beard Needs Shampooing Too

Just like you keep the hair on your head clean, it’s necessary that you keep your beard clean too otherwise it will become matted and you will probably end up looking homeless. Use a face wash or shampoo that you prefer to wash your beard and always rinse off any remaining soap to avoid drying and flaking.
If you have curly beard hairy you can use beard oils or wax to make it shiny and healthy.

6) Healthy Diet=Healthy Beard

A healthy skin means healthy hair, so a healthy diet( NO ALCOHOL) coupled with multivitamins and omega-3 fatty acids will help you achieve a healthy skin that will support healthy facial hair.

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