7 Reasons Why Meditation Is Good For Your Health

The ancient Indian science that helps you relax just breathing in and out. Meditation has a number of benefits and medical research has shown that with regular meditation your body’s immunity and your mental health improves drastically. Deep meditation can help you build immunity to arthritis, balance out the hormones in your body, lower blood pressure and get rid of mental health issues like anxiety or depression.

Here are 7 scientifically proven health benefits of meditation:

1) Meditation Makes You Emotionally Balanced

Meditation helps you balance out your emotions and get rid of all the traumatic memories and kills your negative ego which is very hard to achieve normally but mediation can help you remove all negative thoughts and balance out your ego almost like magic. When our mind is free of trauma and negative ego you will find yourself emotionally charged with a newfound energy that is going to make you appreciate your life more.


2) Meditation Makes You More Immune

Your body is more immune to diseases when you are in a relaxed state. Various studies like the one done by Ohio State University has found that deep meditation on a daily basis reduces the risk of brain cancer. Another study at the Ohio State University found that a month of deep meditation exercises boosted killer cells in the elderly, making them more immune to tumors and to viruses.


3) It Helps You Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure

Studies by Harvard Medical School Study show that meditation lowers blood pressure by making our body less responsive to stress hormones, similar to the way blood pressure medication works. A British Medical Journal report found that patients who did meditation had lower blood pressure.


4)Meditation Makes You Calm

The basic reason why people who meditate don’t have to deal with stress is that they don’t let stressful thoughts control them, they analyze the thought and work on it without letting the thought guide their actions. So while stressful thoughts occur for both who mediate and who don’t, people who meditate treat it just like any other thought which comes and goes while the normal people focus all their attention towards that stressful thought and allow it to influence their thoughts.


5) Makes You More Fertile

Stress reduces your sperm count and libido, you’re more fertile and more likely to be sexually aroused when you are in a relaxed state of mind. As per a study that was done at the University of Western Australia it was found that women are more likely to be able to conceive when they are relaxed rather than when they are stressed.


6) Mediation Can Help You Deal With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

It was found that when patients suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome practiced meditation on a regular basis they experienced drastic relief with conditions like bloating, diarrhea and constipation.


7) It Is Anti-Inflammatory

Stress causes inflammation and inflammation can lead to conditions like heart diseases, asthma, arthritis and psoriasis which is a skin condition. Meditation can prevent these conditions as it kills stress. In fact, a study at the McGill University in Canada showed that meditation can clinically improve symptoms of psoriasis.


So the next time you feel like relaxing don’t just flop on your couch and have a cup of tea while you listen to your favorite tracks. Put your phone away on silent mode and sit in an upright position with your legs crossed and your eyes closed. Imagine a peaceful soothing environment like a forest and close your eyes and breath in and out slowly while telling yourself that you are removing all the stress and negative thoughts from your mind. You can chant simple mantras like OM while telling yourself in your mind that you are removing all the stress, tiredness and negative thoughts from your mind. And if you have trouble focusing you can put on a guided meditation video and follow the steps while the background music helps you focus.

Here’s a guided meditation video you can check out:

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