8 Ways You Can Beat Muscle Soreness


1) Salt Wounds

If you have a desk job, chances are high that by the end of the day cramps make you curse your life. So instead of crashing into the couch the moment you step into your home, gather some courage and step inside the bath-tub. Take a soak in Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) and enjoy the ecstatic feeling as the salts soothe the cramps and aches after an exhausting day at the gym or work.

2) Fuel Up With Some Juice

Throw in some beetroot, chard, and spinach into the blender for a pre-workout charge up. While your taste buds might not like it, your body will definitely thank you for the boost in muscle protein.

3) Give Up Rest If You Want To Be The Best

It’s important to not over-strain yourself but that doesn’t mean that you are gonna spend your entire day on the couch like a sloth. Danish researchers have found that gently training muscle groups which you worked on the previous day can decrease body aches. The reason behind this is a boost in blood flow which accelerates the nutrient delivery in the body. Soothing and comforting. Right?

4) Light effort

If you want maximum gains, you need to take things slowly instead of rushing them. Even if you work with 50% of your 1RM and slowly manage 8 reps, it will be ass effective as your max.

5) Weights And Alcohol Don’t Go Along Together

A study by Massey University, NZ found that even moderate drinking after a workout session leads to a loss in strength. This is because of the way ethanol treats torn muscle fibers.

6) Compress On

Tracks can be comfy, but tights will heal you faster and better. A Sports Medicine Journal found that people experienced less soreness when they wore compression gear post-exercise.

7) Split Your Protein Intake

Steaks and eggs as a workout meal isn’t of any use if you gorge on carbs the rest of the time. A study found that when people split their protein intake, they had 25% more muscle synthesis than the people who ate it in one sitting.

8)Time For Some Rubs

Who doesn’t love massages right? They are great for muscle ache relief and mental relaxation. Not only that, body massages can also fire up mitochondria: the powerhouse of the cell (strangely enough I still can’t forget this fact from school) and a stronger mitochondria means healthier and bigger muscles.

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