Beat Your Monday Morning Hangover with These Simple Tips


Are you regretting drinking that extra pint from Sunday night? Or is your motivation to get out of the bed has been reduced to nothing? No need to worry? Dealing with hangovers can be easy if you know how to detoxify yourself, but first, get out of the bed and go take a cold shower. It can be torturing but it will wash away half of your problems. After you are done freshening up follow these simple steps:

1) Drink Lots Of Orange/Grapefruit Juice To Trigger Your Immune System

Once your metabolism is active the toxins will be removed from your body, you need to eat up. Stay away from foods that have a high amount of carb in them, brothy soups will give you the nutrients and bananas will help you deal with dehydration as it has a high potassium content in it. Bacon, eggs, and sausages can be helpful but they can make your stomach upset so stick to bland foods like toast and crackers if you have an upset stomach. Keep a water bottle with you to keep rehydrating throughoout the day.

2) Go Running

Going for a quick run in the park can help opening up your airways choked from the ciggaretes you smoked last night and this will also speeden up the recovery process.


3) Workout To Sweat The Toxins Out

A 15-20 minute workout session may seem impossible with that hangover but it will help your body release all those harmful toxins as you sweat.


4)  Watch What You Eat

Avoid food items that have a high amount of sugar in them, stick to protein, high-carb and unsaturated ftas. A glass of milk will be greta for your stomach too as it will flush out all the saturated fat in your stomach.

5) Power Naps Will Get You Through The Day

Thanfully, alot of people from monday blues and those sunday night hangovers, short 10 minute naps will probably be tolerated if you do your work.

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