Can Cannabis Help You Loose Weight?


You must be familiar with the famous stoner saying, “A sesh session is incomplete without the munchies.” And it’s not just a pun, research has shown that smoking cannabis actually makes us feel hungry by triggering the receptors in our brains which makes us feel hungry making us eat any edible item in sight.

It’s Not Always Necessary That Smoking Cannabis Will Lead To Weight Gain

But even if this stereotype may be partially true, it is not 100% correct since a few studies have shown that smoking cannabis can help you lose weight.

While cannabis is not a medical option for weight loss since pot is not gonna help you become fit if you’re lazy and have unhealthy eating habits. A 2011 American Journal of Epidemiology finds that  “people using cannabis are less likely to be obese than people who do not use cannabis.” Various other studies show that pot smokers have thinner waistlines along with lower cholesterol in comparison to non-smokers. The results of the study were not affected by factors like age or gender.

So what is the reason behind this? Researchers think it is due to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compounds present in marijuana which is responsible for making people ‘high’. In an experiment conducted at the University of Calgary in which obese mice and normal mice were given THC daily. The study found that while the THC didn’t affect mice of normal weight, obese mice lost weight. The researchers think it is because THC affects the gut microbiome which regulates weight loss and digestion.

According to Didier Jutras-Aswad, professor of neurosciences at Montreal University, “It is known … that cannabis causes a temporary increase in appetite,” which can indeed lead to weight gain, he said. He also added, “as to whether it actually causes weight gain in the long term, the available data is limited.”

Well while the final research reports can take a few more years to come, till then it’s better to wait with patience for the day when we see marijuana being marketed as a weight-loss product.

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