Fun Gift Ideas For Book Lovers


Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Bookworm

Does your bookworm friend, or writer spouse have their birthday coming up soon? Or is it your anniversary? Regardless of what you’re celebrating, you need to find them a gift, and soon. A book won’t cut it this time, because they already have all their favorite ones, and you know their friends will be gifting them some as well. You want it to be extra special, but you don’t know what to get them. Don’t worry; this bookworm is here to help you out (and to find the best gifts for fellow bookworms).

1.     Fandom Merchandise

Fandom merchandise - gifts


I’m not saying you should buy an Impala, but you can definitely buy them a cauldron mug, right? With the ever-expanding fandoms, the merchandise business is booming. You can find almost anything at a price. Select your budget, and get going. Every fandom has their merch, in every price range available. You can get your Potter head girl a wand (because what’s a witch to do without her wand). Or get them a Marauders Map (she needs to find her way back to you), or a mug (butterbeer). If your friend loves Doctor Who, you can buy them a Tardis box night-light (what if they need to get somewhere immediately during the night). Even sonic screwdrivers are available online (they may need to fight monsters). If she loves Sam and Dean (or Cass), you can get her an anti-possession symbol necklace (can’t have her getting possessed now, do we). Or find a devil’s trap doormat for her (to keep the demons away). Avengers fans can get a Captain America shield, or a Mjonir keychain. If you can’t decide on any of these or if you can fish out more – buy them a pop of their favorite character.

2.     Scented Candles

gifts - scented candles

I know it’s quite cliché, but trust me – every bookworm loves having an ambiance around them while reading. And there’s nothing better than candles that smell like old books, or lavender, or any other favorite scents. Scented candles in the backdrop and snow or rain outside the window just set a beautiful aura to the reading nook. Burrowing into a blanket while holding their favorite books is always loved. Or, they can light these candles while enjoying a long soak in the bathtub, a glass of red wine, and a book they love. Whatever the setting may be – their favorite book and beverage need another partner – scented candles. After all, OTA has Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle.

3.     Bookends

gift bookends

A bookworm is also a book-hoarder more often than not. And while they need bookshelves to keep their books and merch on – they also need bookends to hold their books for them. Gift them a fancy looking set of bookends or an antique looking one. No matter which ones you get, they’ll be forever grateful for the help you’ve provided their books. Now not only are their books looking beautiful – they won’t fall over or have bent spine or pages either. (I know Dobby looks slightly scary – sorry about that!)

4.     Mugs

fandom mugs

No matter which beverage you bookworm likes, every bibliophile loves having something to eat or drink while reading. Gift them a coffee mug, or a tea mug, or a wine glass – as per their choice of drink. Make the gesture extra special. You can either get a message specially inscribed on them or work on simple mugs and give them a DIY set. Or, you can find something from their fandom like a cauldron, a direwolf, or a Tardis mug. The heat change mugs are quite a hit as well and you can even hide a personalized message in one.

5.     Personal Book Embosser


gift embosser

Every book-hoarder loves to call their books their own and would love to write their names on them. But more often than not, this feels like we are tarnishing the books with our not-so-heavenly handwriting. At least, I do. So this gift is for those not-so-artistic bookworms, who would love to claim ownership, but don’t want to take away from the beautiful books. The embosser can be personalized and will carry your name. All you have to do is use it in the book, and voila! The book has your name in beautiful calligraphy, in that Library book kind of feel.

6.     Transparent Book Weight

transparent book weight

This is my personal favorite. This book weight is ironically shaped like a book. The heavy transparent glass will hold down the pages of your book for you, when you don’t have your hands free but still want to read. A new book, with an unused spine, will keep getting closed or the pages will keep turning. This is irritating enough, and if you’re doing something else, like eating or drinking, and can’t hold the book down, the feeling of helplessness just increases. This book weight is the magical solution to all of these. Read the book through it, and the pages will stay in place as well.

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