Hate Running? Try These 5 Workouts Instead


With winter storm Toby wreaking havoc, it’s understandable when you say it is not possible to run in this weather. Although the weather channel has said that better days are on their way, therefore, you should be able to workout out in the open soon. But if you still don’t like running, you can try out these 5 workout techniques instead

1. The 30-minute Intense Workout

It is not really that big of a problem if you want to avoid running but you are ready to try working out. Try to complete a cycle of each of these 5 sets in 6 minutes and complete 5 cycles in 30 minutes for a core workout.
Bodyweight Squat Jump: 60 seconds
High-Knee Skip: 45 seconds
Pushup: 60 seconds
Seal Jacks: 45 seconds (Like a jumping jack, only clap your hands in front of your body.)
20-Yard Sprint: Repeat 8 lengths

2. 8-minute Fat Burning Exercise

If you are among those busy-bees who have no time to spare, you can try this 8-minute exercise routine
Forward lunge
Spiderman pushup
Plank walkup
Try to do as many reps of each of these exercises in 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds after you have done all the 3 set of exercises or a cycle, try to aim for 4 cycles in 8 minutes.

3. PLYO Workout

PLYO is an easy to follow exercise that can be done in the open. Just repeat these three steps for 30 minutes
Do as many plyo pushups as you can. To do a plyo pushup you need to squeeze your glutes and brace your abs after assuming a pushup position. After that bend your elbows and lower your body until your chest is close to the floor, then push yourself up and clap your hands before reaching the floor.
Run 50 yards.
Lunge back 50 yards.

4. Hit The Bench

Find a bench and then try doing each of these exercises 10 times. Perform 5-10 cycles of each of these exercises and rest when needed
Single-leg hip thrusts
Bulgarian split squats
Feet-elevated pushups
Alternating step up jumps

5. Medicine Ball Workout

Get a medicine ball so you can try out this fun exercise. You just need to throw a medicine ball and o\pick it back up during this exercise. You need to do this exercise for 30 minutes for best results.


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