Here’s How You Can Prevent Seasonal Allergies


After the winter blues, spring feels like heaven, well not if you have itchy eyes and keep wheezing all day. But you can prepare yourself before spring actually starts. Doing so will make the allergy season more bearable. “In my practice, patients are instructed to go on allergy alert a few weeks before the season starts,” says Dr. Clifford Bassett, MD, author of The New Allergy Solution.

Basically, an allergic reaction is triggered when your body senses an allergen, to counter the reaction your body releases inflammatory chemicals called histamines, this inflammation is the reason behind all those allergic symptoms. But luckily it’s not hard to deal with this problem and you may even be able to stay away from allergy.
These 5 things can be helpful

1) Fix An Appointment With Your Allergist

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It’s best to book an appointment with your doctor before the start of the spring season. Depending on how the meds/shots you took last worked, your allergist may recommend you the same prescription or may prescribe you a new one which will give better results.

2) Drink Green Tea

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Most of the allergy meds work by blocking histamines, green tea can be helpful too. Green Tea is loaded with antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is said to have antihistamine properties.

3) Get Some House Plants

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Houseplants like Snake and spider plants, ficus trees, bamboo palms, and peace lilies have air-purifying properties. “They may potentially clean and scrub away indoor air pollutants,” Dr. Bassett says. Which translates to lesser respiratory problems for you.

4) Clean Your Home

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When winter season is about to over, you must clean all your carpets, rugs, floors and corners where dust can accumulate. By doing so you will be able to get rid of all the dust and dirt and other pollutants that have accumulated over winter.

5) Get A New Air Filter

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Air Filters can trap dust and other allergens and prevent them from getting into your respiratory tract and making your allergies worse.
But over time, air filters can get clogged and lose their efficiency. So go and get a new air filter asap if you have not changed your air filter in more than a year.

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