Start Pushing Pedals To Get Smarter And Happier


We know very well that cycling makes us fit. But cycling doesn’t only make us fit, it also accelerates brain functioning and improves our memory and analyzing skills along with maintaining a healthy balance of happy hormones in the brain. But, how exactly does cycling benefit you? We did some research to find out exactly how.

Makes You Calm & Friendly

Photo by Brian Vernor.
Researchers found that a group who did meditation and cycling regularly successfully managed to control their depression. When you go riding with a couple of friends you get the necessary social interaction needed by the brain and this social interaction makes you friendly, happier and gives your self-confidence the necessary boost. Socialising can be tough when you are restricted to your home due to your depression, but it makes things even worse for you as not having a social life may lead to other problems like anxiety and low self-esteem.
And when you exercise or go cycling you get an opportunity to interact with other people around you and get the necessary confidence boost once you have achieved your daily goal.

Cycling Boosts Your Sexual Stamina

A study in the Archives Of Sexual Behaviour said that men who worked out regularly had a better sexual stamina and sexual experience than men who didn’t work out at all.
A 2004 study by UniversityOf Arkansas found that men and women with a higher level of fitness had a higher libido or sexual desire. Also, a 2012 Texas University study found that just 20 minutes of cycling increases genital stimulation in women.

Steers Away Depression

Various studies have shown that physical activity that is challenging for the body can create similar neurological effects and changes as antidepressants. Brandon Alderman, Ph.D., Assistant professor of exercise psychophysiology at Rutgers University says, “Clearly exercise is beneficial for mental health, and the area that we have the strongest evidence in is depression.”

Increases Mental Ability

Imagine a particular cycling scenario, you are peddling through the city, dodging your way through traffic and making complex calculations on what direction you should steer and what speed you should maintain or if you are riding through new areas you’re going to carefully analyze your surroundings and figure out how you’re going to reach your destination.
So basically when you use your brain while cycling to figure out your next move or in other different ways it increases the cognitive functioning of your brain and makes the decision making part of your brain faster.

Strive For A Better Version Of Yourself

If you want a healthy life with a peaceful mind, stop fooling around and plan a workout routine for yourself. You don’t need to achieve big goals from the beginning. Start small. ride for 30 minutes and the do an hour of workout in the gym. Once you get used to the workout routine, you will find yourself brimming with energy and motivation.

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