These 6 Tips Will Help You Build Muscles Faster


Check Your Weight Once Every Week

People mostly use a weighing scale when they are losing weight, but you can use a weighing scale to track your muscle gains too. You should check your weight once every week when you wake up before and after you free your bowels.  Aim for half-pound muscle gain per week and keep checking in.

Rest Days=Cheat Days

If you’re taking a day off from your workout routine, it doesn’t mean you have to eat less too. Muscle growth rate increases when you’re recovering so it’s obvious that you need to keep your body stocked up on nutrients. While decreasing your carb intake is alright since you don’t need the extra energy but make sure to keep your protein intake high and don’t let your caloric intake fall below 500 calories.

Pay Equal Attention To All Your Muscles

Workout routines are usually designed in a way to pay attention to each body part once a week. Which basically translates to there’s a long gap between each muscle workout. But, if you switch to full-body workouts in which you exercise your entire body in one session. Doing this will help you exercise each muscle thrice a week. Increasing the number of times you workout each muscle will let you increase your strength and muscle growth rate. But never over-exert yourself as it will do more harm than good.

Hit The Bed Early

Rest is important for your muscles to grow, and sleeping more is the best way to recover. Your body essentially needs 8-9 hours of sleep every night but most probably this must sound impossible for you, not if you leave your electronic gadgets on your bedstand drawer and dim the lights thirty.

Pay More Attention To Compound Exercises

Exercises that work on multiple joints at a time are called compound exercises. Deadlifts, squats, press, row, and pull-ups are examples of compound exercises. Compound exercises need a lot of muscle mass, making them efficient and releasing extra hormones likes testosterone which boosts muscle growth.

Set Your Goals Right

Instead of focusing on gaining a particular muscle mass, focus on increasing your overall strength. When you increase your overall strength, you increase your muscle’s fiber intake, mainly the ones that actually make a difference in your physique. When you’re focused on increasing your strength, you are ultimately increasing your stamina and sticking true to your goals.

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