These ‘Healthy’ Habits Can Ruin Your Diet


Conventional techniques for improving your diet, like hitting the gym and sleeping early may help you lose weight, but does this really work for everyone?
The thing is, what helps others may not help you. There is no particular solution to weight loss, but some habits can derail your weight loss process, even when you are fully motivated.

These ‘healthy’ habits may prevent you from losing that extra fat and what you should really do instead for losing weight successfully :

Reducing Your Portions Drastically

While measured portion sizes are good for losing weight, cutting down on your portions drastically won’t be of any help as your hunger hormone ghrelin will increase, signaling your brain that you’re still hungry and along with this your body also won’t produce the needed amount of leptin which is a satiety hormone.

This way you will always be hungry and feelings of guilt, shame or failure for not following your diet will follow.

Instead, if you are looking to reduce your portion size, you need to make sure your plate has a balanced ratio of protein, vegetables, and healthy fats to make you feel full for the 4-5 hours between your meals.

Try to aim for 25 grams of lean protein every meal or hit for 30 if you’re looking for muscle gain. The other portion of your plate should be equally divided into fiber and vegetables.

Low-Fat Foods Are Not As Healthy As You Think

If a food item is listed as low-fat, then be assured that the manufacturers have replaced the fat with added sugar or some other harmful additives which translates to more calories than products that have fat in them.  Your body needs fat for hormone production, proper brain functioning and believe it or not, even fat loss too.

This is because fat has super satiating properties, which help you feel full for longer periods of time, while it is true too much fat can cause weight gain eating additional amounts of carbs, protein will make you fat too.

Here’s a tip, avoid food items that have trans fat in them, particularly processed food items like chips, cookies, and crackers. You should instead, focus eating food items that have healthy fat in them like red meat, salmon, eggs, nuts, avocados and dairy products like Greek yogurt, kefir, and cottage cheese.

Energy Bars And Drinks Are Not As Good As You Think They Are

Energy bars and sports drinks may seem like a great go-to snack, but they’re really only necessary for exercise lasting 90 minutes or longer.
Energy bars and sports drinks may be a great go-to snack, but they are good only for the duration your workout.

Binging on sports drinks and energy bars can nullify the calories you burned while working out thereby halting your weight loss. Along with this most of the energy, bars are candy bars in with wrapping that disguise them as healthy. Same is the case with energy drinks.
Instead of energy drinks, consuming water is a better option before, during and after you have finished working out. A pre-workout snack filled with protein and carbs such as apples or almonds.

Gluten Isn’t As Healthy As You Think

Gluten-free diets are unnecessarily hyped since if you are not suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, celiac device or other GI issues that are worsened by gluten you don’t really need to run away from it.

Instead, if you want to go gluten-free, try minimally-processed foods, like quinoa, brown rice, baked or sweet potatoes.And if you don’t need to avoid gluten, just swap out the types of carbs you’re eating. Nixing refined carbs — like white bread and sugary cereal — for whole grains can help you take in fewer calories and more gut filling fiber. If you’re not avoiding gluten, stick to refined carbs like white bread and sugary cereal.

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