This Gym Needs You To Keep Working Out To Keep Its Lights On


Pedal Up To Keep The Darkness Away
It feels great to workout! So, why not increase that happiness by saving up on some energy too?

Sacramento Eco Fitness center can be found inside a converted fitness center in Sacramento. As you step into the gym, you will notice the typical gym equipment like free weights, battle ropes, sleds, medicine balls, and more. Moving upstairs you will find normal looking cycling machines, but look at them closely and you will notice a kinetic converter in the bikes which convert the kinetic energy into electricity.

The gym uses the client’s energy output to power its electricity and aptly calls itself ” the first human-powered fitness facility of California.

“Everything we do, every movement we make, every step we take is kinetic energy being produced,” Jose Avina, co-founder of the gym, told Energy Upgrade California in a recent video. “Why not harness that energy?”

To capture that energy, Avina utilizes equipment like the SportsArt Fitness cycles, which cost between $1,000 to $3,000 apiece and come with a converter that allows the gym to store the energy you are producing with each pedal stroke.

Avina also mentioned that the bikes helped them reduce their electricity bill from 680$ to just 30$ a month. A single cycling class can power two refrigerators for an entire day.


“The goal one day is to power a city,” Avina said.

But Avila doesn’t think that Sacramento Eco Fitness will be the only self-powered gym on the block for long. “I believe that the future of the eco-gyms and green technology is just getting starting, it’s just now blooming,” Avila said.
Although the green gym movement hasn’t become mainstream yet there are a few other similar gyms around the US such as The Green Microgym in Oregon which uses the potential energy of its visitors to generate and store electricity.

If you want to go green when it comes to working out but there aren’t any eco-friendly gym nearby you can try working out in the open.

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