You May Have To Give Up Eating Burgers In 20 Years


Climate change is a topic of intense debate nowadays, but leaving aside the debates, climate change is real and in a matter of years we will be facing challenging situation because of global warming and food shortages.

A study published in The Lancet finds that global warming and climate change will take a huge hit on our eating habits in a matter of few decades. While there are studies which show how climate conditions will affect particular regions this is the first study which looks at how is climate change going to affect our diets.

With the help of predictive models, researchers mapped our four trajectories (high global emissions, low global emissions, and two middle-of-the-road possibilities) to find how these 4 trajectories would impact agriculture and meat industry, the two important sources nutrition. The results are very concerning, here’s how climate change and global warming will affect your diet:

1. Fruits and Vegetables Will Be Scarce

The way we consume our calories matter a lot too, you don’t get the same nutrients from a pack of Oreos you get from a bowl of fresh vegetables. Produce or fruits and vegetable production is going to fall drastically in the next 30 years. The study predicts overall fresh produce will fall by 4% by 2050.

2. No More Burgers

Climate change will hit the meat industry harder than the fresh produce industry and will reduce red meat consumption by 2050. The study finds that meat consumption will fall by 7%.
Even more than fruits and veggies, climate change will reduce our consumption of red meat by 2050. According to the study, red meat consumption will decline by 7 percent between now and then.

3. Olive Oil Will Cost You More

The study found that their models showed that the Mediterranean region would be affected the most and since are the main olive oil production areas, buying olive oil is going to burn a hole in your pockets.

4. There Will Be Shortage Of Food

The study has found that climate changes will affect major food baskets around the world and it will lead to 500,000 deaths by 2050. The deaths will be more likely due to health issues from malnutrition rather than starvation.

The only way to prevent this is by trying to prevent climate changes as much as possible and doing research in making adaptations to survive with changing conditions.

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