Why are the Medications for Erectile Dysfunction so Expensive?


There are many different questions out there answered about erectile dysfunction. It can be exciting for a man to realize that there are various treatment options available. If you’ve ever looked into getting medication for erectile dysfunction (ED), you may already know that treatment can be shockingly expensive.

Even if you have a very good health insurance plan there is only a slim chance they will cover such medications. The majority of health plans don’t deem medications for erectile dysfunction as a necessary part of their coverage. Those that do cover them often have a high deductible and or co-pay associated with them. It is a good idea to find out if your insurance company will cover this type of medication. More of them are considering it due to the number of requests they get for it.

Drugs for erectile dysfunction are indeed pricey. More than 160 million men out there are believed to have a type of problem with it. However, only a small percentage of them seek medical assistance for it. Yet there is a huge black market out there selling these medications as well. The cost of them is even higher due to the risks involved with selling such products illegally. Yet many people do buy them to avoid embarrassment at the doctor’s office or the pharmacy.

Consumers have to realize these pharmaceutical companies are making money by selling such medicines at a high cost. Years of research and development took place before they were approved for patients to use. The cost of such developments is unbelievable and they are trying to recoup those investments. They also continue to do further research so they can enhance the benefits of their product for erectile dysfunction.

Advertising is also another expense they have to cover. They want to get the word out about what they can offer to men with erectile dysfunction. This involves expensive commercials, magazine ads, and infomercials. They also have to promote their products within the medical community. Some of these companies use celebrities in their materials to endorse them. It costs a huge sum of money to get them to do so. All of this overhead is passed on to the users of their products.

There is also a perceived value with this type of medication. You will notice that Cialis one of the least expensive types of erectile dysfunction medication on the market. You would think that would encourage more men to try it. Instead, it can make them shy away from it. A misconception that runs on the mind of an individual is that since it is less expensive than Viagra and Levitra, it is not much effective. Manufacturers of such products know that if they drop the price then they will lose their customer.

There is ongoing research that has been anticipated for discovering several other medications to cure erectile dysfunction so that the costs can be minimized. With more competition, the top products will have to consider dropping their prices. Right now there is only a handful of FDA approved medications out there for erectile dysfunction. They know that men are going to continue paying what they have to in order to be able to have an active sex life again.


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